Friday Five

OK, so we're rocking along over here - just one week left in January.  That much closer to Spring, people!  Here are my finds for this week. 

So, for the girl who never wins anything, I was thrilled to learn my design company was voted "Best of Houzz 2015" by the Houzz community for my dining room  and plate hanging tutorial I did several years ago.  So honored to be recognized by such a leader in the industry.  Thank you, Houzz!

Check out this wonderfully styled bookcase!  I adore it. 

I was so taken with the images of this Farrow and Ball wallpaper from the Decorista, I started searching Pinterest for more fabulous wallpapers.  
House and Home

Wallpapers are making a huge comeback at the moment.  Now, my Pinterest board for wallpaper has some AMAZING papers, if you need to grab some inspiration. 

Have you heard about this - Coffee On Demand?! I got a press release in my inbox this week about it, and I thought it was super cool.  So, GE has teamed up with Keurig and just revealed the Cafe' Series Refrigerator.  Most of you know, "water in the door" style refrigerators don't do much for me, but coffee now that's an entirely different matter.  I love the idea of taking back counter top space!  The only negative I see are tiny hands and hot coffee - hopefully they've thought this one through (or at least their lawyers have!)

Read an article in the most recent issue of House Beautiful on three fantastic textile designers and have enjoyed looking at their offerings.  What a fantastic way to get a truly custom look in a room.

Cotton and Quill (Mary Catherine Folmar who's from Birmingham, AL, I might add!)

Josi Severson (Minneapolis based designer with very affordable offerings)

That's what's been on my mind this week.  Hope you have a very relaxing weekend.  M.

Design Perspective - Grant K. Gibson

I've not had a design crush like this one in quite awhile.  Thanks to Pretty Pink Tulips who posted about Grant K. Gibson last week, I've been visiting his website like I visit Stuart Weitzman shoes on - hoping they will dip a little lower in price and still have my size.  Oh the games we play!  At any rate, he's style is spot on.

As you can see, he creates a wonderful neutral base layer with perfect pops of color added for interest.

And notice the color is thoughtfully selected in every room to give maximum impact with a high end edge.

Just love it - pop over to his website to see more - Grant K. Gibson.

Friday Five

Hope you had a wonderful week.  Here are a just a few things I discovered this week. 
I loved reading this article about these wonderfully progressive Southerners who are changing how the South is defined by the rest of the country.  So proud of them all - 50 People Changing the South 
One of my favorites on the list is Laura Brown and Steve Wilson. You must read about their clever company - 21c Museum Hotels.

I did a styling job this week for a client who recently moved into a new house.  Prior to the move, I took measurements of the new house as well as measurements of her current furnishings and made recommendations on where to place her furniture and artwork.  This week one of the rooms I had envisioned was realized!  I just LOVE these super large botanical prints (PS: I snapped these with my iPhone, so they are a bit blurry).

My client tells me she has had these prints for years - ordered them out of the back of a Ladies Home Journal.  Wow, don't you wish those were still available!

Notice how the prints are layered over the chair rail and trim detail below the chair rail.  I love hanging artwork like this.  It's a wonderful look and you should not be afraid to try some layering in your own home. 

This is the opposite wall in the foyer.  The room beyond is the living room and we have yet to tackle that space. 

Here's an angle with a tiny peek into her family room that we styled before Christmas.  Just love that vintage green velvet sofa.  It is in perfect condition!

I really enjoyed seeing this bedroom makeover from Hi SugarPlum.  It's a complete 360 from where she started.  Just love the bold colors to freshen up a space this time of year.

I really want this table I spotted on Philip Mitchell's Instagram feed.  Since it's not a super large table, surely I can find a place to tuck it, right?!  That thing is good to the last drop.
PS: Did you know if you read your Instagram feed through Ink361 you can actually pin the images.  Not sure where I've been, but very excited to learn this.

MaryAnn over at Classic Casual Home did a great post on 8 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid, and I agree with every single one of them, especially number 8.  She also has a wonderful feed on her Instagram account.  Definitely worth following! 

Have a great weekend! M

Friday Five

After the holidays, the winter months really take a toll on me.  All the anticipation, excitement and sparkle is over, and it's just dreary, cold dark days.  I'm constantly thinking - "Spring get here! Please!"  But alas, we have several more weeks of this kind of weather.  So, I thought it would be fun to bring back the Friday Five in an effort to distract us from the dreariness of winter.  My favorite five finds of the week.

I wake up very early during the week - as in 5:30am.  I find it's the only way to get things done distraction free.  Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Other times, I feel incredibly rested.  I never realized why until I discovered sleep cycle.  

This app monitors your movements during sleep and wakes you during your lightest phase of sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested rather than "death warmed over."  I've only had this for a couple of days.  So far, it's been really interesting to see the hours when I am in deep sleep.  We will see how it goes over the next few weeks.

OK, so we woke to 9 degrees yesterday - yes, 9 degrees in the deep South.  I've been wanting this particular blanket for at least three years, but have not wanted to pony up the cash.  It's now or never people.  With a 40% off sale and these temps, the stars have aligned.  Now, it's just deciding on the perfect color!

Really enjoyed reading this blog post by 6th Street Design School on the best barstools for under $150.00.  I have lots of clients who struggle with finding affordable barstools.  When you need a lot of them, the price does matter.  My favorite is no. 6 in the line up. 

Love at first sight when I spotted this image on Pinterest.  Well, apparently, I have very expensive taste - its a original 1940's handkerchief planter with a price tag to match.  But, this could be interpreted in a less expensive way.  I think it's the lush moss and maiden hair ferns that draws me in - craving some green this time of year.  

Even something like this would do the trick to bring a foyer to life, don't you think? Filled with the same intense green and you're there.  Here in Birmingham, Leaf and Petal (the Summit location is my go to) carries a beautiful collection of large white pottery bowls to give you this look.  

And saving the best for last, one of my all time favorite bloggers who took a sabbatical from blogging this past year is back at it!  Raina of If the Lampshade Fits has jumped right back in where she left off with her wonderfully snarky take on life.

  If you want to laugh out loud (and at your self), then she is a must read.  Love that girl.  So glad she is helping to push the winter blues right out of my day! 

Happy weekend. Stay warm. M.